Let me explain why the DOORS for your success are in the city of LONDON. The 500 largest corporations in the world have an office here.
Thousands of tax experts, lawyers, accountants are at work in London and handle over 400 billion pounds a year in an efficient, reliable and secure way.
London is a free zone, hidden but under everyone's eyes
Amazon, Facebook, Cisco, Google use "patented" systems to reduce taxation, moving money back and forth between the various companies located in the UK, Ireland and Jersey.

Not in all countries tax avoidance is a crime, it is not a crime in the United Kingdom, it is not a crime in Germany and all this movement leads to a single result, taxation close to zero, and all in full legality and transparency

If you operate financially in London, you don't need to go to Switzerland you can get the same results from here especially now that Switzerland has given up even the last privilege that made banking secrecy a sought-after destination

What sense does it make me wonder if I can continue to do my business in Italy, maybe looking for a thousand subterfuges at the limits of legality, risking incurring criminal offenses, risking to put everything at stake.


  • Feasibility analysis
  • Constitution
  • Domiciliation at our office
  • Annual accounting
  • Presentation of income tax returns
  • VAT request to exceed £ 85,000 / year
  • Banking relationship opening
  • Continuous annual consultancy

Additional services on request:

  • Appointed Director Service.
  • Service of fiduciary registration of the shares also using an offshore company.
  • Opening an offshore Bank Trust.
  • In this case the anonymity of the Limited's ownership is guaranteed.
  • Consultancy service for transfer of tax residence and domicile in London.


Now suppose instead that you want to move your "tax residence" and operate in Italy and Europe with an English Limited. The stages must be synthetically these:

  • Foreign lease contract.
  • Users registered to you.
  • Request of the English NIN.
  • AIRE registration.
  • Living for at least 183 days abroad even if not continuously.

At this point you are resident in England BUT to move taxes from your country to the foreign country at 100% YOU WILL NOT have to have movable and immovable property in your name in Italy, bank accounts, utilities, company shares, motorcycles, cars and so on.

You will then be able to enjoy the proceeds of your work taxed at 19% and you will no longer have to make the tax return in Italy and declare your company on the RW framework.

Clearly applies to any other country where you would like to go and open your company.

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