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Capital Progress, constitutes foreign companies, in areas with low taxation, exploiting the different European regulations between one country and another, always operating in the constitutive legality. In Europe we specialise in Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Scotland.
Other favorable areas are Montenegro, Great Britain and Georgia which as you know are not in the common European market, but have advantageous tax charges.

We also register company 100% offshore in Belize, Seychelles, Cayman and Dubai. In These areas we find zero taxation, easy constitution and total anonymity on the ownership of the shareholder.

Remember that you always need to also have a bank account to use with your company. Our consultancy also intervenes in the opening of the account in London for the companies that we open in the UK, in Albania, Montenegro, Dubai in essence where we opened the seat of your company. In addition to the current account, we combine, fully manageable account on line and debit/credit cards on Mastercard/Visa circuit.
A note of interest is reserved to the companies established in Dubai in Delaware and in the UK. Write to us by email and it will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

Agent of a
London LTD

The agency in the United Kingdom is a simple structure whereby an onshore company acts as an agent of a major offshore company. This avoids the problems that often offshore companies that conduct an international business have to face. It also creates an onshore "façade" and all the benefits of an offshore company.

The agency in the United Kingdom is set up with the sole purpose of operating in the company of offshore. In fact, he's an offshore company agent. The two companies stipulate a service contract in which all the terms of the agreement are specified. The activity is carried out on behalf of the Agency in the United Kingdom, but on the direction of the offshore company.

Customers subscribe to contracts with the company in the United Kingdom, receive invoices from it and pay the invoices in the bank account of the same. Most of the income is redirected to the offshore company depending on the contractual clauses. The company cannot trade within the United Kingdom. If this were the case, the income would be subject to the taxation in force in this country.

Dubai the headquarters of your "consulting company"

In Dubai you do not pay taxes, today is one of the favorite destinations of those who want to secure their income and their assets from the bad taxes of high-taxation countries.
In fact Dubai has become a real tax haven where you do not pay taxes on personal income and business income in Dubai not only do you pay taxes on business income and personal income, but the newly introduced VAT is only 5%.

This means that on every consumer product you buy (computers, washing machines, sofas, candies) There is not a surcharge of 22% as by US Dubai has signed more than 43 treaties against double taxation, which is very unusual for a tax haven. Yet the emirate also has this incredible asset to offer its residents and business people who have relationships with this small state. Furthermore, Dubai is on the OECD's white list for signing numerous treaties on the exchange of information so that having a bank account or an on-site business is not a problem.
In the UAE we have an excellent registration service also in the various FREE ZONE zero taxation.

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