You're tired of paying too many taxes and too complicated a bureaucracy, right? Unfortunately, Italy does not allow those who want to do business to invest in a simple and peaceful manner
So more and more Italians have begun to look elsewhere, considering an investment abroad

But where exactly? Is there a country that really is a friend of entrepreneurs and that allows them to do business without worries?

There is one in particular that offers much better conditions than the others: HUNGARY

Not only because this country has taxation for companies which is the lowest in Europe (a flat tax of 9%), but also because it is a member of the EU.
European citizens, therefore, as provided for in the treaties, can set up a business in Hungary on a par with Hungarian ones, and can enjoy, thanks to Schengen membership, the free movement of people and goods within the EU.

He thinks that there are 2,600 Italian companies here which together invoice more than 4 billion euros.

Thanks also to the numerous entrepreneurs who have understood the advantages that this country can bring to their business, Hungary has long been in strong growth: the latest data tell us that the GDP has registered a + 4.4%.

SOCIETY IN BUDAPEST taxation 9%: The company form most used by those who, prudently, seek shelter from the Italian tax draconian, is certainly the S.r.l. Hungarian, more simply "KFT". A Hungarian KFT can be:

  • owned by a single shareholder and there can only be one director
  • There is no provision for a board of directors and there are no mandatory statutory requirements for local
  • administrators or secretaries
  • It is necessary to hold a bank current account and the minimum capital required for a KFT is 3,000,000 florins (approximately 9,600 euros) which, moreover, does not need to be paid at the time of incorporation.
  • The owners of a KFT have limited liability and, as is known, they only risk the capital contributed

Capital Progress offers you:

  • Rapid establishment.
  • Apostillation Documentation.
  • Placement service with address in Budapest.
  • Annual accounting.
  • VAT and VIES request.
  • Continuous annual consultancy for all your needs.
  • Bank account.

You need to be present at the constitution for the customary signatures at our office in the presence of our lawyer.

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