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We specialize in the formation of companies in the state of DELAWARE and precisely in Wilmington seat of the most important global multinationals.

Welcoming company law

Many entrepreneurs have chosen to operate in Delaware, as corporate legislation and company taxation are more favourable.

  • In a corporation incorporated in Delaware in no event shall the shareholders, directors, directors and management be liable personally for the debts and obligations assumed by the Corporation;
  • Ownership of a corporation-company or Limited liability Company-LLC is anonymous and is easily transferable to other persons or companies;
  • Not even the state of Delaware is aware of the names of the owners of the company and, moreover, the transfer of the property is not registered or filed in any place or register;
  • The duration of a Delaware Corporation or an LLC is indefinite and its activity and existence is not affected by the eventual death of the shareholders, directors, directors or management.

Why is a good company

  • The corporation-Company or Limited liability Company-LLC of the state of Delaware may have secondary and operational headquarters in any part of the world;
  • A single natural person can be a sole shareholder, administrator, Secretary and executive director of the company;
  • Social books and ledger records do not necessarily have to be settled in Delaware;
  • Corporate shares or shares can be transferred instantaneously and in a private form without the need to be notified to public bodies;
  • You do not need to be a U.S. citizen or resident in the United States to form a Corporation or an LLC in Delaware;
  • It is not necessary to travel personally to Delaware to set up a Corporation or LLC but simply use a professional or a company empowered to establish it.
  • The identities of the administrator and the owners of the Corporation or LLC are sealed and not even communicated to the public offices of the Delaware Sato;
  • The home address and the office of the Administrator or the owners of the Corporation or LLC are classified and not even communicated to the public offices of the state of Delaware;
  • The percentage of the corporate shares of each individual member Corporation or LLC are sealed;
  • In the state of Delaware there are no accessible public registers containing the names of the members and directors of the corporations or LLC

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